DSCA Releases the Virtual FMS “Wall Walk”

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DSCA Virtual Wall Walk

The mission of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) is to advance U.S. defense and foreign policy interests by encouraging and enabling allies and partners to respond to shared challenges.  An integral part of that mission is administering the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program across the Department of Defense on behalf of the Department of State.

In addition to multiple course offerings provided by its Defense Security Cooperation University (DSCU), DSCA has long provided an interactive, in-person experience that tours major facets of the security cooperation process against a visual timeline, termed “the Wall Walk.”  

The Wall Walk has afforded our valued partners a data-centric learning experience, distilling the highly complex and deliberative case process – and its interaction DOD life-cycle management – into a single infographic.

Now, DSCA has brought this experience online.  DSCU, as the center of intellectual life for the security cooperation enterprise, collaborated with FMS subject matter experts to create a publicly available course that offers an overview of the FMS process, from requirements generation to case closure.  

The virtual Wall Walk is a mobile-ready course and is intended for a diverse community -- anyone interested in learning more about security cooperation and how the U.S. Government uses these programs to meet important foreign policy and national security objectives.

"FMS is an essential tool of U.S. foreign policy and thus requires close collaboration between the Departments of State and Defense to ensure flexibility, oversight, and impact” said Mr. Mike Miller, DSCA Deputy Director.  “FMS programs advance long-term relationships between partner nations and the United States.  This includes access to joint training and doctrine and increased opportunities for interoperability with U.S. forces.”  

FMS is one of the U.S. Government’s programs for transferring defense articles, services, and training to our international partners and international organizations.  The FMS program is funded by administrative charges to foreign purchasers and is operated at no cost to taxpayers.  Under FMS, the U.S. Government uses DOD’s acquisition system to procure defense articles and services on behalf of its partners.  Eligible countries may purchase defense articles and services with their own funds or with funds provided through U.S. Government-sponsored assistance programs.

The President designates countries and international organizations eligible to participate in the FMS program.  The Department of State approves individual programs on a case-by-case basis, consistent with the President’s Conventional Arms Transfer Policy.  Currently, some 189 countries and international organizations participate in the FMS program.

The whole-of-government effort to improve the process for delivering capabilities to our international partners advances the 2022 National Defense Strategy objective to break down barriers to working with allies and partners.  The DOD is focused on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the security cooperation case process, which aligns our partners’ capability requirements with our national security objectives.

FMS Wall Walk: https://dscu.mil/fms-wall-walk/