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International Trade Shows

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The Strategic Outreach (STO) Division oversees the Department of Defense‚Äôs (DoD) participation in international trade shows.  International trade shows include events that are held outside the United States that are organized primarily for the sale of aerospace and other defense products.  DoD participation includes the static display or demonstration of equipment (aerial or live), staffing by DoD personnel of defense equipment, or DoD personnel attending trade shows as official speakers or panel members.

DSCA obtains approval from the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy for DoD to participate in international trade shows and trade exhibitions that are in the national security interest of the United States.  Once approval is granted, DSCA provides guidance to the Combatant Commands, Military Departments, and Security Cooperation Offices to assist in planning, coordination, and execution of the trade show.  DSCA also facilitates interagency planning and coordination with the appropriate offices in the Department of Commerce, Department of State, and defense industry.

The Strategic Outreach Division also sponsors, at select trade shows, a DoD Security Cooperation exhibit which serves to educate the general public about the Security Cooperation mission, workforce, and programs.

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Department of Defense Instruction 7230.08, "Leases and Demonstrations of DoD Equipment"