Security Cooperation History

From its founding, the United States has always worked to foster long-term alliances and partnerships with other countries to achieve our mutual strategic objectives. Starting with the American Revolution, during World War II and the Vietnam War eras, and most recently with counter-terrorism efforts and a return to an era of Great Power Competition, Security Cooperation, as it is now known, has ensured the safety of our homeland and built the capacity of foreign security forces to respond to shared challenges.

To showcase the important role that Security Cooperation has played as a “tool of first resort” for U.S. foreign policy and national security, DSCA and its component the Defense Security Cooperation University have created a new educational video, “Security Cooperation: A Uniquely American Approach,” which focuses on the history of Security Cooperation and the evolution of our nation’s collaborative, values-based approach to building enduring partnerships.

DSCA - U.S. Security Cooperation from DSCA on Vimeo.

During the “DSCA at 50” campaign, DSCA will also focus on individuals who have played significant roles in the execution of the Security Cooperation mission set. Please continue to visit our website as we focus on historical figures as well as current Security Cooperation community members who are making a difference across our enterprise.