Purpose and Scope

"To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace."

— George Washington First Annual Address to Congress, January 8, 1790

The DSCA Strategic Plan 2025 provides a roadmap to synchronize and unify the Security Cooperation workforce under a shared mission, vision, and values. The Strategic Plan aligns priorities, enhances and develops processes, and makes strides to improve stakeholder relationships across the SC community in accordance with the National Security Strategy (NSS), the National Defense Strategy (NDS), and other related guidance. The SC community conducts Security Cooperation in order to build full-spectrum partner nation capabilities so those partners can fulfill mutually supportive roles consistent with U.S. defense and foreign policy objectives. DSCA will lead the SC community through the details outlined in this plan to ensure that all SC stakeholders fully understand the scope of Security Cooperation tools at their disposal, and how these tools can be used to achieve the goals outlined in our national defense policy and strategy.

This Strategic Plan was created to outline a path for DSCA to accomplish targeted Strategic Goals and advance its enduring mission. The plan integrates DSCA’s mission, vision, values, workforce, and culture by weaving each component into the Strategic Goals so the Agency is constantly improving on every aspect of its operation. DSCA will work collaboratively with its stakeholders to achieve these Goals, with an understanding that we must listen to one another and work together to achieve ultimate success. Each Goal has a five-year lifespan, while each subordinate Objective and Sub-Objective is aimed to be accomplished within the current fiscal year.

DSCA leadership will review the Objectives and Sub-Objectives associated with this Strategic Plan quarterly and update them annually to sustain continuous improvement, foster innovation, and remain adaptive to a dynamic Security Cooperation environment. Most of the Objectives and Sub-Objectives are cross-cutting throughout DSCA, some rely on specific directorates, divisions, or branches, and a few depend on specific groups or individuals.

The DSCA Strategic Plan seeks to inspire, guide, and develop the DSCA workforce. Every member of DSCA must understand that their individual output is integral to achieving the full potential of this plan. DSCA employees at all levels will use the plan as a reference to help guide their work, prioritize their efforts, make decisions, and focus their energies. While everything we do to build partner nation capabilities is important, the DSCA Strategic Plan goes beyond day-to-day activities to focus on advancing our ability to accomplish our overarching mission. Together, our Goals, Objectives, and Sub-Objectives will guide the dedicated DSCA workforce with an ultimate outcome of ensuring that our allies and partners are prepared to support or fight alongside our U.S. warfighters to address mutual security threats.