DSCA Partner Culture

DSCA embraces a PARTNER culture, meaning the Agency values being:

  • Proactive
    DSCA continuously identifies initiatives for internal improvement while simultaneously identifying partners’ needs in order to develop the policies and plans that ensure we achieve our mutual goals.  A more strategic approach ensures that DSCA is building capable allies and partners who support the Department in achieving shared security objectives. 
  • Accountable
    DSCA is responsible—to ourselves, our partners, our interagency and industry stakeholders, and the U.S. taxpayer—for achieving tangible results.
  • Respectful
    DSCA treats everyone and conducts all aspects of the Agency mission with dignity.  DSCA is uniquely positioned at the nexus of the U.S. defense industry, our foreign partners, and many offices within the U.S. Government, all of which must come together for Security Cooperation to be effective; DSCA is the convening force that brings SC stakeholders together to take on new opportunities and address complex challenges.
  • Transparent
    DSCA shares information on processes, policies, and resource management with our allies, partners, and other stakeholders, and maintains two-way communication throughout the SC community.
  • Networked
    DSCA leverages the knowledge and skills resident throughout the U.S. Government and SC community to maximize results through collaboration, and continues to build our network of allies and partners that contribute to our shared security goals by listening and collaborating.
  • Empowered
    DSCA bolsters our Security Cooperation experts to work closely with U.S. and foreign government representatives, industry counterparts, and other stakeholders to advance the Agency mission and vision, and to achieve our strategic Goals, Objectives, and Sub-Objectives.
  • Representative
    DSCA conducts our work in a way that demonstrates our values-based and “uniquely American” approach to Security Cooperation, focusing on the long-term relationships that our programs engender.  We are diverse and inclusive.