Strategic Outreach Division (STO)

The Strategic Outreach (STO) Division manages, develops, and executes strategic outreach solutions to promote internal and external stakeholder understanding of the Security Cooperation mission and its role in achieving U.S. national security and foreign policy goals and objectives. This involves the development, coordination, and implementation of Security Cooperation strategic communication guidance, engagement planning, and outreach materials in support of DSCA programs and initiatives.

STO is responsible for, among other things, the following activities:

  • Media relations, in close coordination with the Office of the Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs).

  • Long-range planning of DSCA engagements with key stakeholders across the Security Cooperation enterprise.

  • Management of the Department of Defense’s participation in international and domestic trade shows.

  • Editorial oversight and content management for DSCA’s print and digital publications, website, and social media platforms.

  • Responding to public inquiries.

STO also oversees DSCA legislative management activities, including:

  • Identification of Security Cooperation matters under DSCA purview that may be of interest to the U.S. Congress.

  • Development of content and planning for DSCA engagements with key Capitol Hill, Department of Defense, and Department of State counterparts to understand and influence priorities and concerns.

  • Coordination and oversight of DSCA responses to Congressional inquiries and briefing requests.