United States Welcomes Polish Missile Defense Tender

U.S. Embassy in Poland, April 21, 2015

The United States welcomes today's announcement from the Polish Ministry of Defense that Raytheon’s PATRIOT system has been awarded the “Vistula” integrated air and missile defense tender. Poland is a stalwart NATO ally, and its defense modernization program and strong support of Wales NATO Summit commitments, such as the 2 percent GDP defense investment pledge, directly fortifies the military strength of the Alliance. The United States remains committed to Poland's security and NATO's collective defense.

Economic diplomacy in support of American companies and workers is a centerpiece of our international agenda, and Raytheon's selection reflects a coordinated advocacy approach by the Departments of State, Commerce, and Defense. The “Vistula” program, worth up to $5 billion, is expected to generate at least $2.5 billion in U.S. export content— that means supporting American jobs at home and growing our manufacturing base. The program also includes co-development and co-production elements that will also strengthen Poland's defense industry. This award is part of Poland's 10-year, $45 billion defense modernization program and is representative of the advanced, battle-tested systems the U.S. defense industry offers.

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