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Opportunity for Public Input

WASHINGTON, January 16, 2019 – The National Security Presidential Memorandum regarding U.S. Conventional Arms Transfer Policy signed in April 2018, establishes that it is the policy of the executive branch to facilitate ally and partner efforts, through United States sales and security cooperation efforts, to reduce the risk of national or coalition operations causing civilian harm.

In support of this policy, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA), an agency of the Department of Defense, is considering expanding existing Law-of-Armed-Conflict focused training and exploring new training content, tools, and methods to improve international partners’ capabilities to mitigate harm to civilians that may arise from partner security operations.

DSCA seeks public input to the development of this training program. Individuals and organizations are invited to submit comments, observations and other information to DSCA at dsca.ncr.lmo.mbx.info@mail.mil.

Submissions may address, for example:

  • Learning objectives
  • Lesson plans
  • Learning materials
  • Discussion topics
  • Exercises
  • Assessment Frameworks


Topics could include, for example: 

  • Understanding civilian harm
  • Reducing harm through operational planning
  • The strategic and operational rationale for civilian harm mitigation
  • Use of intelligence in distinguishing combatants
  • Collateral damage estimation
  • Reducing risk of harm through effective battlefield communication
  • Reducing civilian casualties in combined operations
  • Reducing harm to civilians in urban operations
  • Detention operations and civilians
  • Comprehensive response to reports of civilian casualties
  • Assessing reports of civilian casualties
  • Investigating reports of civilian casualties
  • Tracking and analyzing civilian casualties
  • Learning from civilian harm
  • Leadership options for response to harm


DSCA plans to conduct an in-person event in Arlington, Virginia to discuss this effort and answer any questions on February 6, 2019 at 9:00AM.  Individuals interested in participating should contact DSCA at dsca.ncr.lmo.mbx.info@mail.mil.

Individuals and organizations who choose to submit material are encouraged to do so no later than May 1, 2019.  

DSCA will invite individuals and organizations who submitted material to brief that material or information in an open forum.  Individuals interested in participating should contact DSCA at dsca.ncr.lmo.mbx.info@mail.mil.

This is not a Request for Proposals or a Request for Quotations.  No submission, comment, or information submitted in response to this opportunity to comment will result in a contract.  Any funds expended in developing a submission or providing a response to this opportunity to comment are solely the responsibility of the submitter and will not be reimbursed by the U.S. Government. 

Questions regarding this matter may be addressed to DSCA at dsca.ncr.lmo.mbx.info@mail.mil.


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