DSCA Needs To Evolve To Fit In New World Norm, Director Says

Article Sourced From:
Inside the Pentagon. Vol 30, No. 39, September 25, 2014

Article By:
Scott Maucione

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency has been forced to adapt to a new global norm due to constrained defense budgets and increased competition, according to DSCA Director Vice Adm. Joseph Rixey. Though DSCA is on target to sell about $33 billion in arms this year, slightly above average, the agency is reconsidering its business practices in the face of new global environments. “We must evolve at DSCA,” Rixey said Sept. 18 at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. DSCA will release a 2020 plan on Oct. 1 that will detail how it will adapt to the new norm. According to Rixey the new plan will focus on reducing the cost of doing business at DSCA.

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