Integrated Regional Teams (IRT)

In support of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, Geographic Combatant Command (GCC) Headquarters, and the Department of State, the DSCA Integrated Regional Teams (IRTs) provide integrated and holistic management and execution of security assistance and cooperation activities to the GCCs. The IRTs coordinate with National Security policymakers, the Military Services, and the Interagency to ensure security cooperation programs are aligned and executed effectively to meet U.S. foreign policy and national security objectives, and foreign partner needs.

DSCA HQ operates under a matrix construct to enable us to effectively develop and execute the regionally-focused, day-to-day, full-spectrum solutions for our foreign partners. We accomplish this through Integrated Regional Teams (IRTs) focused on synchronized execution of activities for specific regions and associated countries; and through Functional Directorates (FDs) focused on policy, process, and related solutions for the Agency and the enterprise-wide SC community.

The matrix construct facilitates the vertical and horizontal flow of skills, processes, and information needed to efficiently execute our SC programs. It allows the flow of information across organizational boundaries while respecting chains of command, fiscal accountability, core competencies, program requirements, and both program and directorate authorities.

This structure provides an effective way to improve internal DSCA information sharing, communication, and synchronization while enabling employees to think strategically across the broad range of SC activities. The MO uses organization-wide talent pools, abilities, and expertise to unify our activities while leveraging the strengths of the total workforce.

The IRTs are regionally-aligned by GCC and manage regional and country portfolios. The four DSCA HQ IRTs are:

  • ANS IRT (Combined U.S. Africa, U.S. Northern, and U.S. Southern Commands)

  • CENTCOM IRT (U.S. Central Command)

  • EUCOM IRT (U.S. European Command)

  • INDOPACOM IRT (U.S. Indo-Pacific Command)

The IRTs are responsible for creating and nurturing robust and effective relationships with their country and regional counterparts in their GCC, USD(P), DoS, Joint Staff, and the MILDEPs, and for synchronizing foreign partner engagements to best provide full-spectrum capabilities. The IRTs integrate activities and ensure alignment and consistency with national security guidance, GCC priorities, foreign policy, and funding sources. The IRTs identify regional and country issues, and develop and coordinate solutions within the SC community, ensuring the Agency is responsive to foreign and USG stakeholders.

Within the IRT, work is accomplished through cross-functional teams whose members work together to discover, analyze, and resolve issues within the constraints of partner nation needs; foreign policy and national security guidance and objectives; acquisition and other policies; and resources. IRTs must create a work environment where matrixed employees work collaboratively.

Depending on the issue, the IRT Member with expertise in that area generally assumes the lead on activities. For example (not all inclusive), the Country Portfolio Director (CPD) leads on overall portfolio issues, the Equipping Portfolio Director (EPD) leads on Title 10 train and equip issues, and the Country Finance Director (CFD) leads on financial management issues. All members' contributions are valued and appreciated and each member is co-equal rather than a leader-follower or superior-subordinate.