Your Review and Response to an LOA

LOA Acceptance

An Offer Expiration Date (OED) will be identified on the LOA. The OED is normally 85 days (25 days for administrative processing and 60 days for Security Cooperation Customer review). If you know that the OED cannot be met, you should request an extension from the Implementing Agency as soon as possible. Extensions may be granted as long as the pricing and delivery estimates are expected to remain valid for the extended time period.

Of course, part of your review will be to determine if the proposed items and costs meet your country’s needs and budgetary constraints. If you want to request any changes to the offer based on your review, your change request must be submitted to the Implementing Agency for consideration prior to your acceptance (signature) of the LOA. Simple “pen and ink” changes to an LOA may be accepted by the Implementing Agency prior to FMS case signature if the changes are relatively minor administrative or corrective changes. If the “pen and ink” change would alter the scope or revise the terms of sale or the total costs, this would normally be considered a “counter offer” - essentially a new LOR. Similarly, if your government signs an LOA that includes changes that have not been agreed-to by the Implementing Agency in advance, we will consider it to be a counter-offer. Depending upon the extent of the proposed changes, the LOA may be re-stated and re-offered, or a new LOA might be prepared.

The name, title, and agency of the signing official must be entered as well as the date of acceptance/signature (on or before the OED).

The initial deposit is an integral part of acceptance and is also required on or before the OED. The LOA contains instructions for sending the required initial payment to the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS). Payment must be in U.S. dollars and may be transmitted by check or wire transfer.