After Acceptance

FMS Case Implementation and Execution

Once the USG has received a signed copy of the LOA and the initial deposit, the FMS case will be implemented so that execution (contract negotiations, requisitioning, etc.) may begin.

On receipt of the initial deposit, the Defense Finance and Accounting Office (DFAS) grants the Implementing Agency authority to begin obligating funds to execute your country’s FMS case. The Implementing Agency can then begin procurement of the defense articles and/or services.

A major FMS case will typically include items from U.S. government stocks as well as procurement of items from new production. Items to be procured are contracted from defense industry by the appropriate U.S. government procurement offices. For example, the Air Force Program Office responsible for overseeing procurement of C-17 cargo aircraft for the U.S. Air Force will also be responsible for procuring C-17 cargo aircraft for an FMS case.