AECA Arm Export Control Act
AFSAC Air Force Security Assistance and Cooperation
AOD Anticipated Offer Date
BPC Building Partnership Capacity
CCMD Combatant Commanders
CLO Country Liaison Officer
CLS Contractor Logistics Support
CLSSA Cooperative Logistics Supply Support Arrangement
CONUS Continental United States
CY Calendar Year
DFAS Defense Finance and Accounting Service
DISCS Defense Institute of Security Cooperation Studies
DMS Diminishing Manufacturing Sources
DoD Department of Defense
DoS Department of State
DSCA Defense Security Cooperation Agency
ELT English Language training
EOQ Economic Order Quantities
ERGT Expeditionary Requirements Generation Teams
FLO Foreign Liaison Officer
FMF Foreign Military Financing
FMR Financial Management Review
FMS Foreign Military Sales
FY Fiscal Year
IA Implementing Agency
IMET International Military Education and Training
KO Contracting Officer
LCMC Life Cycle Management Center
LO Liaison Officer
LOA Letter of Offer and Acceptance
LOR Letter of Request
MHE Materiel Handling Equipment
MILDEP Military Department
Navy IPO Navy International Program Office
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
P&A Pricing and Availability
PMR Program Management Review
PMR Program Manager
POR Program of Record
ROM Rough Order of Magnitude
SAF/IA Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force for International Affairs
SAMM Security Assistance Management Manual
SC Security Cooperation
SCIP Security Cooperation Information Portal
SCO Security Cooperation Offices
SCRTF Security Cooperation Reform Task Force
SOW Statement of Work
SPO Support Operation Officer
SYSCOM System Command
UN United Nations
USASAC United States Army Security Assistance Command
WWRS Worldwide Warehouse Redistribution Services