Offices and Directorates

DSCA Organizational Chart

The DSCU Directorate brings together all of DSCA’s education, training, advisory, and Security Cooperation Workforce Development (SCWD) functions under a single Assistant Director, who will be dual-hatted as the DSCU President, and incorporates DSCA’s Institute for Security Governance (ISG) and Defense Institute of International Legal Studies (DIILS) teams under a new school of International Training and Advising
The SPP Directorate includes all strategy, policy, and planning functions - including DSCA’s Regional Planning and Program Design Teams, Strategy and Initiatives group, and Administrative and Execution Policy and Analysis team – to provide full-spectrum capability strategy and planning.
This group will bring together all of our operational - or execution - functions, and will include our Regional Execution, Global Execution, and Weapons Directorates. Our Regional Execution Directorate will handle both Title 10 and Title 22 Programs, with the underlying Global Capability Development Division having a specific focus on all Title 10 Programs, to include 333. The Global Execution Directorate will handle Humanitarian Assistance and Demining, AM&E, LOA case writing, and congressional notification processes.
The Directorate for Business Operations (DBO) manages all financial, acquisition, information technology, security, and facility operations for the Agency to ensure effective and efficient delivery of services and support. Divisions include Information Management and Technology (IM&T), Security and Facilities Management (SFM), Comptroller and Financial Policy and Regional Execution (FP&RE).
The ADM Directorate includes the Chief Performance Office (CPO) as the clearinghouse for all internal data as well as internal controls, audit management, functional requirements, and Assessment, Monitoring, and Evaluation (AM&E). The Directorate also includes DSCA’s Talent Management (TM) Branch, which focuses on Agency-wide performance improvement and professional development for DSCA staff.