Civilian Harm Mitigation

In close coordination with the Department of State Bureau of Political-Military Affairs and the Office of the Secretary of Defense Policy Office for Stability and Humanitarian Affairs, DSCA is working along four mutually-reinforcing lines of effort (LOE):

  • Developing a Foundational Curriculum to Reduce the Risk of Civilian Harm: DSCA is developing a series of modules on topics such as understanding risks around civilian protection in conflict, responsible employment of weapons, tracking and assessing civilian casualties, and accountability mechanisms for a range of positions and levels in partners' militaries.

  • Increasing System-Specific Capabilities: Under this LOE, DSCA is working to provide partners enhanced tools and training to better facilitate the employment of U.S.-origin munitions in a manner that mitigates the risk of civilian harm.

  • Building Advisory Programs on Civilian Protection: DSCA is working to develop a new advisory program focused on the protection of civilians.

  • Enhancing our Risk Framework: DSCA is enhancing DoD’s capacity to conduct assessments of a partner’s risk of causing civilian harm during military operations and identify measures to help minimize such risk.

As part of the development of new content, tools, and methods, DSCA holds public sessions to solicit and integrate public feedback. More details on these public sessions can be found at: Individuals interested in participating in future sessions should contact DSCA at: