Chief Performance Management Office (CMPO)

The Chief Performance Management Office (CPMO) measures, evaluates, and recommends/enables improvements impacting the overall performance of the Security Cooperation Community (SCC).

CPMO's span of influence includes not only DSCA, but also its subordinate components and elements within the Department of Defense who are directly responsible for the management and/or execution of Security Cooperation (SC) programs or the policies that impact those programs. CPMO employees uses a variety of skillsets, techniques and programs to achieve CPMO’s mission to include development, implementation, and monitoring of Internal Controls; Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) initiatives; Audit Liaison and Tracking; monthly/quarterly/annual and on-demand data mining and analysis of targeted FMS processes; and modeling and special studies. CPMO is also the functional sponsor responsible for developing enterprise-wide requirements for data information systems that support the entire FMS/BPC case lifecycle processes.