Chapter 4 - DSCA LOA Preparation

C4.1. After receiving the NVD LOR packet from the IA, the DSCA CPD prepares the LOR-A or ETP request as appropriate, and coordinates the request with DSCA EUM. If the CPD is uncertain whether to prepare an LOR-A or an ETP request, inform DSCA Weapons Division, who will coordinate with DTSA to make the determination. For NVD issues, the DSCA interface to DTSA is the DSCA Weapons Division.

C4.1.1. The CPD will prepare the LOR-A and the ETP request using the formats in Appendices 2 and 3 and forward to DSCA Weapons Division. See Appendix 2 for an example of the LOR-A. See Appendix 3 for an example of the ETP request.

C4.1.2. If specific provisos or the recommendation to approve or deny differs between the CT/CCMD, IA, and DSCA, DSCA Weapons Division, in coordination with the DSCA CPD, will work these issues to get consensus among the recommending agencies prior to proceeding. If there is still no consensus, explain the variance when sending the packet forward.

C4.1.3. DSCA Weapons Division will review the NVD request packet for completeness and forward to DTSA, the JS/J5, and (USD)AT&L for review.

C4.1.4. The goal for DSCA processing of the NVD LOR packet from receipt to forwarding to DTSA, the JS/J5, and (USD)AT&L for review is within 3 working days.

C4.2. Review Timelines.

C4.2.1. For an LOR-A, unless the reviewers request additional time, if there are no objections within the 10 day review period DSCA Weapons Division will prepare the Authorization to Transfer memorandum and provide it to the DSCA CPD to forward to the IA.

C4.2.2. For an ETP, DSCA must receive a response from DTSA prior to proceeding. DTSA, JS, and (USD)AT&L will normally complete the review within 10 working days. However, if they require additional time, the reviewers will notify DSCA Weapons Division to enable case processing timeline adjustments.

C4.3. After coordination and review, the reviewers notify DSCA Weapons Division authorizing or denying the transfer. If there is disagreement among DTSA, JS, and (USD)AT&L, DSCA Weapons Division will coordinate to achieve consensus prior to DTSA making the final decision.

C4.3.1. If the reviewers approve the NVD request, DSCA Weapons Division will prepare the Authorization to Transfer memorandum. The goal for DSCA to provide the Authorization to Transfer memorandum through the DSCA CPD to the IA is 3 working days. See Appendix 4 for an example of the Authorization to Transfer memorandum. DSCA CWD will include the memorandum in the LOA staff review packet.

C4.3.2. If the reviewers deny the NVD request, the DSCA CPD will coordinate the disapproval with the Department of State Bureau of Political/Military Affairs, notify the IA, and formally notify the customer IAW SAMM Section C5.2.2.

C4.4. DSCA SharePoint.

C4.4.1. After receiving the NVD request packet from the DSCA CPD, DSCA Weapons Division will input the DSCA memorandum, IA support memorandum, CTA/CCMD concurrence or SCO endorsement (as appropriate), LOR, and other supporting documentation to the DSCA SharePoint Weapons page. By viewing the SharePoint Weapons page, CPDs can track the status of the NVD request.

C4.4.2. Upon completion of the review process, DSCA Weapons Division will input the DTSA approval for the NVD transfer and the DSCA Authorization to Transfer memorandum to SharePoint.

C4.5. Chapter 6 contains the DSCA NVD request process and checklist.