Appendix 4 - Sample Authorization to Transfer Memorandum




ATTN: (Office)


SUBJECT: Authorization to Transfer Night Vision Devices to [Country] (XX-X-XXX)



(a) DSCA Memorandum SUBJECT: Request for Transfer of Night Vision Devices to [Country] (XX-X-XXX), [Month Day, Year]

(b) DTSA Email SUBJECT: NVD [Advisory or Exception to Policy [Country] (XX-X-XXX), [Month Day, Year]


The Department of Defense authorizes the transfer of [quantity] [model] [type] to the Government of [Country]. The Defense Technology Security Administration, Joint Staff, J-5, and Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics reviewed this request and have no objections.

This transfer is authorized subject to the following parameters: [NOTE: Examples Only. Not all parameters will apply to every case.]

  1. Image intensifier tubes will conform to U.S. Military Specifications (MILSPEC) except for the specific, associated specifications that must change in order to meet provisos 2 and 3.
  2. Figure of Merit (FoM): No Less than xxxx / No Greater than xxxx.
  3. Halo: No Less than .85 mm.
  4. Auto-gated, Generation III image intensifier tubes.
  5. 100% of the image intensifiers must pass Group A testing. Group B, C, and D lot testing must be in accordance with U.S. MILSPEC acceptance standards.
  6. [Only if for thermal NVDs] Thermal device performance parameters are per [IA] export policy.
  7. Electro optical countermeasures and counter-countermeasures (hardware or software) or methods to exploit countermeasures MUST NOT be discussed or released.

The Implementing Agency will:

  1. Communicate these technical provisos to the NVD supplier via contract.
  2. Not deviate from these provisos without prior approval from DSCA Weapons Division.
  3. Include this memorandum with the Letter of Offer and Acceptance supporting documentation.

The DSCA POCs are [Name], NVD FMS policy, [Phone number], [] and [Name], Country Program Director, [Phone number], [].


[Signature Block]