Appendix 1 - Sample IA NVD Support Memorandum




ATTN: [COUNTRY] Country Program Director


SUBJECT: Request for Transfer of Night Vision Devices to [Country or International Organization] (XX-X-XXX)


The [IA] received a Letter of Request from [Country] for [Quantity] [NVD Nomenclature/Model Number] [NVD Type, e.g., Goggles, Thermal Weapons Sights]. [Country] requests NVDs with the following capability:

  • [If specified, list country requested performance parameters from LOR, e.g., FoM, Halo.]
  • [If not specified, omit the preceding sentence.]

[NOTE: IAs do not state recommended performance capability unless it is either higher or lower than that listed in the Night Vision Export Policy Implementation Guidance.]

These NVDs will be used by [unit, unit type, purpose, mission, operational requirement, deployment.] [NOTE: Explain in 3 or 4 sentences.]

The [IA] supports this transfer request and is prepared to offer the NVDs [EXAMPLES: with the requested capabilities; with capability per the Night Vision Export Policy Implementation Guidance; with capability greater/less than DoD Export Policy]. [If less than or greater than the Export Policy Guidance, the IA must state the reasons why the Export Policy Guidance is not appropriate and list the IA's recommended parameters.]

[Country] has previously received NVDs of this capability on LOA XX-X-XXX [mmm dd yyyy]. The LOR and SCO endorsement are attached. [Or, if appropriate, This is the first introduction of this capability. The LOR and CTA/CCMD concurrence are attached.]

The [IA] POC is [Name], [Office], [Phone number], [Email].


[Signature Block]