Learn More about Security Assistance


The Security Assistance Management Manual (SAMM)

The SAMM is the authoritative document on Security Cooperation policy and procedures. In April 2012, the SAMM was converted into a fully-digital electronic version (E-SAMM) that can be found at https://samm.dsca.mil.

At the site, visitors can view the SAMM and all policy memorandums released by DSCA. The E-SAMM has a very good search function to help you find information in the SAMM or in DSCA Policy Memos. Once at the Search page, click on the “Advanced Search” button to select areas of the SAMM and/or Policy Memos you would like to search. Once at an E-SAMM chapter, you can search that chapter for a given word or phrase by clicking on “edit” within Microsoft Internet Explorer and then clicking “find on this page”.


The Defense Institute of Security Cooperation Studies (DISCS - formerly DISAM)

DISCS teaches all aspects of FMS and Security Cooperation to military, government, industry, and foreign representatives. The DISCS webpage is at http://www.dscu.mil. DISCS has an extensive list of course offerings for foreign students in its catalogue. DISCS also makes available a number of useful publications, including the textbook it uses for instruction. The text is revised annually and is commonly referred to as the “Green Book” as it is bound in a green cover. The Green Book and other DISCS publications, including many designed specifically for foreign customers, can be viewed and downloaded at DISCS’s publications site. DISCS also posts informative presentations to their website so that anyone can view and download them. Finally, the DISCS web site has an “Ask an Instructor” feature that allows anyone to pose questions to their faculty.


The Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA)

DSCA staff can provide you with a wealth of information. The starting point should the DSCA Country Program Director (CPD) responsible for working with your country. If you do not know who this is or do not have your CPD’s contact information, you can contact DSCA headquarters and we will connect you with your country’s CPD.

The appropriate Implementing Agency (IA)

If you have questions that relate to a specific MILDEP (Army, Navy, or Air Force) or to some other Implementing Agency, you can contact that organization directly. A list of Implementing Agencies and their contact information can be found in SAMM Table C5.T2. If you have trouble, feel free to contact your DSCA CPD for assistance.

The Security Cooperation Organization (SCO) in your country

If it is more convenient to talk with someone within your own country, you can contact the SCO personnel stationed at the U.S. Embassy in your capital city. A list of all U.S. embassies and links to their websites is located at http://www.usembassy.gov/. You can reach the SCO through the Defense Attaché Office, which should have contact information listed under the embassy’s “Sections and Offices” link in the drop-down menu that appears after clicking on the “about us” tab of any official U.S. Embassy web site.