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End Use Monitoring (EUM) Division

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The End Use Monitoring (EUM) Division oversees the Golden Sentry program.   EUM reduces the security risks involved in transfers of equipment and services and assures that required export controls, physical security, and accountability requirements are in place and enforced.

Enhanced EUM is required for sensitive defense articles and services, and defense articles provided under grant assistance programs, e.g., Military Assistance Program (MAP), Excess Defense Articles (EDA). These items require strict compliance with the EUM requirements stated in special notes and provisos within the LOA or other transfer agreements.

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Monitor the use of defense articles and services provided to foreign customers or international organizations through government-to-government programs.


Minimize security risks through compliance assurance with arms transfer provisions supporting U.S. national security and foreign policy objectives.

Legal Basis For EUM Programs

Section 40A of the Arms Export Control Act requires DoD EUM of U.S. origin defense articles transferred to our foreign partners. The DOD Golden Sentry EUM program implements this law and EUM Tiger Team assessment visits are the cornerstone of the Golden Sentry program.

EUM Security Cooperation Information Portal (SCIP)

SCIP has been enhanced to provide an EUM application that tracks government-to-government defense article items. Items are tracked at the serial number level on a country by country basis. All items are categorized under a specific Defense Article and MASL identifier. SCIP provides not only tracking information for all items, but provides inventory management controls. Access to the EUM application is governed through the use of and sub-communities within SCIP.


Chapter 8 of the SAMM

Current List of Identified EEUM Articles